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James Crypto Guru
is a versatile industry veteran with 18 years of business & investing experience. He is a semi-retired multi-millionaire whose knowledge, analysis, and prediction of crypto & stock markets are impeccable and unmatched. He is a professional with an exceptional track record in daily Bitcoin price prediction on YouTube.
He is a top-rated YouTube analyst whose content helps people become successful & profitable traders.

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Stage presence
Phemex Event
Davinci’s Meetup
The financial summit 2021
Proof of fusion,
at the Grand Prix, F1
WOW Summit in Dubai 2022
AIBC Summit in Dubai 2022
Metaverse World Conference
Metacon at World Trade Centre
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What James talks about
Play-to-earn & metaverse industry
Crypto influencing
Its potential and the trend of all big gaming companies transitioning to Metaverse, building a guild war PVP & earn crypto project
Crypto influencer marketing, blockchain & crypto in general, market analysis
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