Business Relationship Manager

Job Overview

The Strategic Business Relationship Manager (SBRM) is responsible for the quality, health, growth and strategy of the company’s relationships with MagicCraft's partners such as Key opinion leaders, Infuencers, Projects, Competitors and more. To succeed in this role, you should be an excellent communicator, able to establish, nourish and develop high-level business relationships. You need to have an ability to comprehend complex business information and convey it in a simple, informative, and relatable way.

Responsibilities and Duties

● By working collaboratively with the Partners, the BRM will ensure appropriate direction is
provided that will lead to successful negotiations and a strong relationship with our actual
and future business relationships.
● The BRM will be responsible for Business strategies for the acquisitions of possible new
collaborations with Partners.
● The BRM is responsible for learning and knowing the objectives of Partners and MagicCraft,
and their interference and interconnections with one another.
● The BRM will collaborate with stakeholders in the successful execution of contract
negotiations and strategy creation that support the success of our organization


● Deep understanding of crypto and gaming space.
● Strong interpersonal and soft skills.
● Collaboration skills and the ability to bring the right partners to the table.
● Excellent communication skills.
● Strong problem-solving skills.
● Teamwork, leadership, and influence skills
● Experience in relationship management.

Benefits we Provide

● Competitive compensation.
● Token equity.
● An inclusive team and environment.

* All roles with MagicCraft are globally remote based. We are a fully distributed team and have the tools
and benefits to support you in your remote work environment. We encourage you to apply regardless of
your location.

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