Front-end Developer

Job Overview

For MagicCraft Ltd. we are looking for a REMOTE Front-end developer that possesses strong experience with React, Javascript, CSS and HTML. As a Front-end developer, you will be involved in various aspects of the development process, from concept to the finished product. These tasks will include building the user-centered part of the d-app, testing, and developing a software pipeline. The ideal candidate should have experience with multi-layer applications, fast-paced deployment, and a good understanding of the Metaverse gaming industry. 

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Designing high quality web experiences for new cryptocurrency.
  • Designing and implementing the contract interactions, working alongside the engineers to refine the experience.
  • Enhancing website features and resolving frontend technical issues.
  • Continually learn and apply relevant software development practices, patterns, tools and technologies.
  • Comfortable to work with rapid directional changes of focus in a fast environment.


  • 3+ years prior professional experience in frontend development roles.
  • Solid understanding of React, Javascript, CSS and HTML.
  • Good understanding of DeFi /Crypto/ Metaverse gaming universe.
  • Excellent communication skills as our entire team is remote.
  • English is a must.

Benefits we Provide

  • Competitive compensation.
  • Token equity.
  • An inclusive team and environment.

* All roles with MagicCraft are globally remote based. We are a fully distributed team and have the tools and benefits to support you in your remote work environment. We encourage you to apply regardless of your location.

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